The benefits of ventilation in homes during the current climate cannot be over emphasised now that the demand is greater to provide good air quality and save energy creating a more healthy environment. As a result, MVHR systems are increasingly being incorporated in the design of new dwellings.

MVHR systems are designed to filter incoming air, removing contaminants, after which it then passes through a heat exchanger to be heated by extracted moist air from bathrooms, showers and kitchens.  The fresh filtered warm air is then distributed to various parts of the dwelling to supplement the main heating system. During the summer months the incoming air will be diverted past the heat exchanger to give ambient temperature fresh air and provide a degree of cooling.

The system will continue to work satisfactorily if it has been installed and maintained correctly. If no servicing has been carried out, mould growth could occur in the MVHR unit and connected ductwork which, in the long term, could create health problems such as asthma. It is vital, in order for the system to work efficiently and safely, that regular servicing is carried out approximately every 6 months - this includes replacing/cleaning filters and checking the condition of the heat exchanger and other components. 

We will be happy to carry out an inspection of your MVHR system to check its' installation and complete a service, if required.