British Standard 6173 is relevant to commercial catering installations and is not intended to apply to domestic dwellings including bed & breakfast installations, for which British Standard 6172 and 5440-2 normally apply. However, some premises may border on commercial activities due to their high cooking loads and this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the most appropriate British Standards to apply.

What is important is how often the kitchen is used and how much and what type of cooking is carried out. Small hotels and B & Bs operating in holiday areas may, in peak season, exceed the requirements for ventilation as stated in BS440-2 It is not always necessary to install costly mechanical ventilation systems and canopies as much can be achieved by the use of natural ventilation but care must be taken to ensure good air movement within the kitchen space to provide a safe working environment.

Expert Air can monitor and record the CO2 levels in your kitchen and advise as to what, if any, measures need to be taken to ensure compliance with current legislation.

If you are unsure if your kitchen CO2 levels are safe or not please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.